We offer FREE robotics workshops to introduce kids to the field of robotics in their early years of learning. We offer in-person workshops (central Indiana only) as well as online to allow students who are not able to attend in-person an opportunity to learn about robotics.

Our workshops offer many hands-on activities which are designed to make the experience fun, engaging, rewarding, and educational for students. They will learn basic concepts of robotics, learn about design and various parts needed to build a fully functional robot, learn about practical use of robots in real-life situations, learn about programming a robot, and learn about controlling a robot via an app or voice commands.

Our robotics workshops will help spark their curiosity, ingenuity and creativeness. It will improve their critical thinking and self confidence.

Our goal is to inspire kids to hopefully pursue a career in the field of robotics, engineering and technology and prepare them to compete in the ever changing world of technology.